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Tours in Armenia

Armenia is a country full of cultural and natural treasures worth exploring. With our Armenia tours, you will have the opportunity to discover some of the most fascinating wonders of this country. From stunning medieval architecture to mountainous landscapes and vine-covered valleys, our tours will take you through Armenia’s most treasured gems.

Our Armenia tours are designed to offer you a complete and unforgettable experience. On Armenia tours, visitors can explore the ancient churches and monasteries found throughout the country, many of which date back to the Middle Ages and are considered UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They can also visit the many museums and art galleries that showcase Armenia’s rich history and culture. In addition, our Armenia tours allow visitors to enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of the country, including mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes.

On your Armenia tour, it is also possible to experience authentic Armenian hospitality, which is known throughout the world for its warmth and generosity. Visitors can sample delicious Armenian food, including traditional dishes such as dolma (vine leaves stuffed with rice and meat), harisa (Armenian chicken and wheat dish) and lavash (traditional flatbread).

Join our exciting Armenia tours and discover the hidden treasures of this beautiful country. With our expert tour guides, you will experience Armenia’s culture, history and nature in a unique and authentic way. Book your tour with Amistad Tour now and create unforgettable memories in Armenia!”

Individually designed Armenia tours

We gladly design tours for our travelers who prefer individual planning and have specific requirements for their travel experiences. We take into consideration any specific needs and create an itinerary based on that. Individual tours are offered to small and large groups of tourists, which have various purposes, such as medical, cultural, pilgrimage, etc.
When creating these tours, the age, fitness and health, travel preferences of our tourists are the top priority for us, and any activity is carefully selected to make the tourist’s stay as comfortable and memorable as possible.

Pre-packaged tours

Armenia, being a small country, is very rich in natural and historical landscapes. Some of them are located very close to the capital, Yerevan, where most tourists prefer to spend the night. Even distant locations can be easily reached during one day. Therefore, we have designed 1-2 day tours for groups to popular sights that ensure the discovery of Garni, the only standing pagan temple (1st century A.D.), St. Echmiadzin, the holy capital of Armenia with one of the oldest Christian temples in the world (4th century A.D.), Geghard, temple of the Holy Roman Emperor (4th century A.D.), and the temple of the Holy Roman Emperor (4th century A.D.). ), Geghard, cave temple, the oldest winery in the world at Areni (over 5000 BC), Lake Sevan, the largest drinking water reservoir in the region and the wonder of the Armenian highlands, thousand year old observatory, Tatev monastic complex with its engineering miracles that modern scientists still do not explain, etc.

Cultural Tours

Our country is rightly called as an “Open Air Museum” where you can observe, feel, live and experience the millennial history. Here in Armenia you can see pre-Christian history and modern architecture, traditional costumes and European night life, traditional wine making caves (more than 5000 BC) and modest wine culture in one place. Special attention should be paid to the Armenian cuisine which has living recipes from time immemorial.

There are numerous museums, theaters, experimental cultural centers, concert halls, fine arts exhibition centers where you can enjoy performances of Armenian and international artists.

Hiking tours in Armenia

Being a mountainous country, Armenia is a paradise for hikers. Mountains of varying difficulty can be found here. One of the most important aspects of hiking tours: safety, is easily ensured by our experienced and certified instructors.

Extreme excursions

Unforgettable extreme tours are very popular in Armenia. High mountains and fast mountain rivers, peaks of varying difficulty, wild winds, snowy slopes and the combination of all these make extreme tourism one of the most sought after among tourists from all countries. You can go mountaineering, paragliding, windsurfing, extreme skiing and many other types of extreme tourism in Armenia.

Ski tours

Traditionally, Armenia was one of the main ski destinations in the Soviet Union. Later, after Armenia’s independence, this tradition was revived. Although the skiing period is not long, up to 4 months, during the winter you can experience unforgettable skiing.

Wine routes in Armenia

In three different regions of Armenia grapes are grown and various types of wines are made from them. The uniqueness of Armenian wine is not only the tradition, but also the soil, grape types, agriculture, highland climate, sunshine and many other factors.

Wine tours are extremely interesting time travels where ancient meets modern, where grapes speak the language of wine and humans, where every part of the route is a discovery of history, archeology, culture, cuisine and the people behind it.

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