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Armenia is a natural wonderland full of colors and surprising sights. Armenia has been a country of crossroads over millennia linking the East and West, South and North. Being a major knot on the Great Silk Road, Armenian culture has soaked the best of all caravans passing through Armenian highlands, adding colors to the existing ones. This had an imprint on every aspect of life here. On one hand, one can see the beauty and secret knowledge of East together with the liberalism of West, warm emotions of South in line with restrained nature of North.

This is a magnificent experience of combination of the past, present and future that has driven us to create the opportunity to enjoy, live and feel the essence of Armenia. Thus, in 2002 Amistad Tour started its journey to create the journey of tourists coming to Armenia. Since then, we have developed numerous tours to the known and unknown beauties of the pearl of Southern Caucasus.

Having in mind the tenderness of hospitality in Armenian culture we have created tour packages to meet any requirements from those who want to visit our country. And this has become our everyday responsibility in airline ticketing, outbound and inbound tourism, and organization of conferences and VIP events.

We have also established strong partnerships with European leading major tour companies, and thanks to our joint efforts, we provide high quality service and an individual approach to our every customer.

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